Mirror of Illusions

Mirror of Illusions

Label: One chill music

Release date: 29.04.2016

Catalog number: OC001

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> Garden of Earthly Delights
Squazoid, Kick Bong & Terra Nine
> Mirror of Illusions
Squazoid, Kick Bong & Terra Nine

Mirror of Illusions

By Terra Nine, Kick Bong and Squazoid

A brand new EP featuring 2 amazing tracks from this psychill ‘supergroup’

The EP is the result of a collaboration that started 2 years ago in Paris.

After several years working together with Squazoid on different releases, Terra Nine was in France for a few days and met Kick Bong and Squazoid at his studio ~ and ‘Mirror of Illusions’ was born !

A tasty, funky, trancey, chilly and spicy E.P full of emotions and instrumental interactions. It’s fresh and original with a hint of psychedelia.


1. Garden of Earthly Delights

As with the famous painting by Bosch, this incredible track features a walk through a magical psychedelic garden – filled with amazing plants and animals and redolent with sweet smells and strange fantastical sights.

2. Mirror of Illusions

The myth of Psyche symbolizes the fate of the fallen soul, which after many trials is finally united forever in Divine love. Some saw in it the promise of rebirth, of a future life of eternal happiness, others see it as a mirror filled with illusions.



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