18ème Boudoir – Mechant

18ème Boudoir – Mechant

Label: One Chill Music

Release date: 29/11/2018

Catalog number: OCM 004

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The 18th Boudoir is a duet composed of Philippe Lechat and Jacques Vautier, at the crossroads of electronic ambient, jazz, trip-hop and classical. These two Parisians have been meeting regularly in their Brittany studio since 2009. We find the influences of the different parallel projects of the group in the music of the 18th boudoir, whether the sound research of Philippe through his music for: Inner Signal, Sky Lobby, Lipo, or Jacques and the late group Rec Play famous for their live machines / instruments. For the performances lives Jacques is at the piano / synthesizer and Philippe at the programming / synthesizers / theremin, between acoustics and electro. Three albums to their credit and the fourth now release on One Chill music

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