Fantastic world

Fantastic world

Label: One Chill Music

Release date: 22/12/2016

Catalog number: OC003


> Fantastic world
Squazoid, Terra Nine, Kick Bong
> Happy trails
Squazoid, Terra Nine, Kick Bong

One Chill Music presents the brand new EP by Terra Nine, Squazoid and Kick Bong. The Psychill Super Group is back with more enchanting psychedelic magic ! 

2 new tracks full of emotional, instrumental vibes, featuring the sinuous sounds of Terra Nine’s electric viola, seamlessly merged with the sublime rhythms of Kick Bong’s hang drum and Squazoid’s psychedelic sounds, over a bedrock of warm bass and chilled organic beats.

All Tracks composed and produced by Jeremy Bringue , Michael Westcot & Franck Jousselin

Mastering by Cedric Champalou at Studio 23 des Lilas

Artwork by ShivaOmArt



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