Toby Gomme

Toby Gomme

Toby Gomme


Born in Nigeria and growing up in Portugal he has had a diverse and multi cultural upbringing. Nevertheless, at the age of 16 he decided to focus on his career as a dancer and performance artist and moved to London, where he started his education at the British School for Performing Arts and continued with his BA Hons at the Laban Centre.

He graduated in 1998 and started working as a trainer/performer for various international circus projects. He trained homeless kids for “Streets Alive” in Tamale, Ghana and U.K for the Channel 4 “on the line” awards and worked as a group workshop leader for the EU Circus Project in Stockholm, Sweden. In 2001 he made his circus teachers diploma at Cirkus Cirkor in Sweden and trained students at over 30 schools. Later he worked as a circus teacher and workshop leader in MOD Playschool in Westminster Council, UK and at HIFA Cultural Festival, Harare, Zimbabwe.

Performance/Choreography Career

In 2002 he went on his performance debut world tour with Circus Cirkor in ‘TRIX’. This started his performing career and since he has gone on to work in productions such as ‘Carmen’ and ’La Boheme’ for Raymond Gubbay at the Royal Albert Hall and the film ‘Finding Neverland’. He has also directed shows such as ‘Light It’ and ‘Stratosfire’ at the Big Top, Glastonbury.

His artistic skills range from circus disciplines (adagio, tumbling, stilts, juggling, trapeze, rope, silks, harness flying) and dance (tap, contemporary, ballet, breakdance) to martial arts (capoeira, jiu jitsu, stage fighting) and theatre performance (acting, mime, statue). Due to his multi–tasking skills he was acquired by Phoenix Productions in 2005 for their big stage production in Germany. Since then he found a steady place in the artistic department within the company’s headquarters and therefore moved to Vienna in 2008. Since moving to Vienna he has continued with his choreography and directing work and has created most of the large scale corporate shows and full length theatre productions for PhoenixCreative.

Design Career

His design career started about 5 years ago with the realisation that there were not many interesting clothes and accessories for men available. He decided to try making clothes and pouches, which he gave away as gifts at first until he was good enough to think about selling them. In the last 3 years his creative drive has pushed him to refine his skills with his hands to produce unique 1 of a kind pieces of clothing, hats, wallets, masks and hair pieces. He has travelled the world collecting exquisite materials and inspirational techniques to be able to create outstanding works of art. His pieces are inspired by the beauty and design found in all aspects of nature. All his pieces are made of genuine high quality natural materials and are entirely handmade with love.




Agency: One feel


The artist

Nationality: Worldwide

Resident in: Vienna

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