Terra Nine

Terra Nine


TERRA NINE features New Zealand electronic composer Mike Westcot, performing live psychedelic electric viola over hypnotic chilled rhythms and lush soundscapes, accompanied by the imagery of VJ Intelliki to create a fantastic audio / visual extravaganza that is not to be missed. Over the past 8 years, Terra Nine has released 3 albums and several EPs, featuring a completely unique mix of chilled psydub, psybient and psy-alternative styles, overlaid with his mind bending and hypnotic viola sounds.

Discography includes numerous compilations and the following albums and EPs:

Strange Craft album (2007 – CUT Music)

Stream of Consciousness album (2009 – CUT Music)

Breathe album (2011 – Altar Records)

Love Potion EP (2014 – Uxmal),

Karuna Remix EP (2015 – Altar Records)

Lucid Dreaming EP (2015 – Altar Records)   

Terra Nine’s music has included remixes by and for numerous international artists, including OTT, Astropilot, AKD, Squazoid, Lemon Chill and many more.

Terra Nine has toured extensively over the past 7 years, performing dynamic live audio visual shows at festival events worldwide, including Rainbow Serpent (AU), Eclipse Festival (AU), Subsonic (AU), Samsara (HU), Aurora (Greece), Hadra (FR), Glade (UK), Sunrise (UK), Waveform (UK), Antiworld (UK), Sunrise Celebration (UK), Eden (UK), Festival of Life (UK), Alchemy, (UK), Bath Fringe Festival (UK), Venus Love Experience (UK), InSpiral Lounge (UK), Bakony (HU), Full Moon Festival (GER), Ambiosonic (FR), Al Andalus (SP), Hanna Hanna (Slovakia), Misterika (Ukraine), Trance Adventures (SL), Parihaka (NZ), Prana (NZ), Canaan Downs (NZ), AUM Psychedelic Festival (NZ) and Dimension Psytrance Festival (NZ).


Agency: One chill music

Email: booking@onefeelmusic.com

The artist

Nationality: New Zeland

Resident in: Auckland

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