of the hits maker project XSI.

He has an unusual musical past, started DJing at the age of 13 in countless party on his born island, touching electronic music from the tips of his fingers at that time. He started to learn music 2 years after, being now a guitar player for over 15 years.

Discovering the trance scene in 2001, Bart started DJ’ing in one of the most famous club in paris, The GIBUS, where he met Jean-Marc (aka Bionix) and where they were both resident Djs for 2 years. They teamed up leading to what is now one of the most known french psychedelic trance band, Xtra Sound Independant (XSI). Together they released 4 successful albums that have become classics in Psytrance genre, including their latest in 2014, an acclaimed energetic full-on album “Dancefloor Apocalypse” which have reached the first place in the Beatport psytrance charts.

In 2013, Bart became co-owner, with his friend Max Peterson (MAD MAXX), of the label United Beats Records, which is known today to be one of the leading label to bring the genuine Psychedelic Trance and Full-On. Together they’ve made also a very avant-gardism project : WILD MONKEYS (a dirty electro-psytrance project made with Max Peterson and Jean-Marc segondy).

Bart has many faces and he is also a well recognized Mastering Engineer, which is collaborating with the most influent artists and label on the psytrance scene : Avalon, Space Tribe, Mad Maxx, Talamasca, Sonic Species, Deedrah, Shanti, Outsiders, Tip Records, Digital Om Production, Dacru Records, United Beats Records, and many more….

In between touring all around the world (Japan, Brasil, Mexico, Argentina, South Africa, France, Portugal, Switzerland, Germany, India, Serbia, Russia, Spain, Nepal, England and many more….) and engineering, Bart’s tastes and personality evolved and the feeling that he has grown enough to make his own project was an evidence. Many emotions bundled together in this project and he doesn’t want to limit himself to one direction.

STRYKER is a result of more than 10 years of flavor maturation. With various influences from Trance, Psy-Trance, House, Techno, Progressive, Electro and more, no limitations by codes with a main motivation : Make you smile and dance… Debut album will be launched for the beginning of 2015 on United Beats Records, get ready, it’s gonna be mad.


Agency: One feel


The artist

Nationality: French

Resident in: Barcelona

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