SQUAZOID is an electronic music project from France, featuring Jeremy Bringué in a psychedelic synergy of different styles, exploring World Music, Dub, Ambient, Trance, Rock, Jazz, full of colour and positive vibrations.

Squazoid has been producing since 1999 – performing live and dj sets in the psychill and psytrance scene at many parties in Paris and festivals across Europe and collaborating with many artists (Kick Bong, Terra Nine and more) as well as remixing many prestigious worldwide artists from the downtempo electronic scene including Adham Shaikh, Tripswitch, Youth,Abakus,Dubsalon,Master Margherita and many more.

Since 2015, he has played in Paris on a regular basis with the collective ” H.O.T Events ” at H.O.T (House of Trance) Parties every Friday, perfoming alongside many famous producers in Progressive and Psytrance styles: Liquid Soul, Ace Ventura, Ritmo, Morten Granau , Dick Trevor, Egorythmia, Rocky, Phaxe, U-Recken, Gaudium, Avalon, Emok, Sonic Species, X-noize, Sensifeel and many more.

In 2016, Squazoid has released his sixth studio album on Nutek America Records.

Squazoid has recently formed a live ensemble ‘Squazoid Live” – consisting of the following artists:

Jeremy Bringue (producer, composer, sound designer, synth player)

Cedric Champalou (sound engineering)

Sebastien Monsellier (composer and bass guitarist)

Alexandre Salomon (composer, guitarist, pianist, synth player)

Nicolas Palvadeau (artist, VJ, video)


Agency: One chill music

Email: booking@onefeelmusic.com

The artist

Nationality: French

Resident in: Paris

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