Sensifeel Tour Dates


Philippe Sancier, founded the project of SENSIFEEL in 1999. He has been active

in the French and International scene, playing and performing live-sets and DJ-set

all over the world (Australia, Brazil, Israel, Japan as well all around europe…),

and he has performed in the biggest festivals, such as: Universo paralello, Fusion,

Voov, Indian spirit, Soulvision, Tshitraka projekt, Ov silence, Soma, Full moon,

Earth dance…

His style is easely recognizable by an intense groove with deep atmospheres and

harmonies, WIth 4 albums and  lot’s of releases on the top psytrance labels such as

Spintwist, blue tunes, YSE, or Planet ben.Some collaboration with majors artists like

Odiseo, Ace ventura, Hilight tribe, Freq, Maelström, Feuerhake, Aerospace…

Philippe has become one of the influential artist of the psytrance scene. The new

Sensifeel album will be out in may 2011 on Synergetic records, and follow in june by

the new Cyklones album.


A part of his Sensifeel project, Philippe is also member of the psytrance act Cyklones

with dj Drenan from Iono music.They have released the successful album «City of

klones»on YSE rec.

Since 2008, he has decided to show his others feelings in music production, by

making his new progressive house solo project Minfeel.(1st album coming in 2011)


Philippe also artists manager, artists booker, event organizer since 1995, you can

contact anytime for your event.




Agency: One feel

Phone: +33687830434


The artist

Nationality: French

Resident in: Paris

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