Kick Bong

Kick Bong


KICK BONG is a composer, musician and performer from Paris, France.

Franck Jousselin began his passion for drums and percussion at 12 years old and

in 1990 he formed his first band and was signed with Barclay Records and performed many concerts and tours throughout France and Europe.

In 1995 he discovered electronic music in 2001 and quickly attracted attention, releasing his tracks out on compilations of various labels: Spirit Zone, Candyflip, Peak, Chillcode, Cosmic Leaf, Hadra and Blue Hour Sound.

Since 2001,He has toured extensively, performing live shows in many clubs and festivals in Europe: Batofar, Divan du Monde, Cabaret Sauvage, Machine du Moulin Rouge, Inspiral Lounge (London), Glade festival, Waveform (UK), Boom festival (Portugal), Existence and Omni festival (Spain), Aurora (Greece), Arcadia, Hadra, Ambiosonic (France)and Ozora festival (Hungary)

In 2012 he founded another project, Triptone with different featured artists and started to collaborate with Squazoid on several EP’s.


Agency: One chill music


The artist

Nationality: French

Resident in: Paris

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