Hugo Riveroll (AKA Hamelin) started his musical career in 1990, playing the bass in a band called “La Cloaca”. They played in the best stages in Mexico City in that time.

While he was playing with this band he not only studied a master degree in Audio-Visual Communication, but also studied Audio Engineer and Professional Recordings.

On 1998, his life turns into electronic music and quickly got involved in Djing and producing beats. He quickly made a name and started playing in good clubs and bars in Mexico City.

It was 1999 when he met Odiseo and they started to produce together under the name of Xibalba. They developed a unique and powerful sound that some years later got them playing all over the world in big festivals and events. They released several tracks in different labels around the globe.

After the huge success with Xibalba, Hugo started to produce his own tracks as Hamelin. He made his own live debut on 2005 in the Scandinavian Electronic Music Festival and afterwards he started playing in many other countries too.

Since the summer of 2006 he decided to get more involved with genres like house, minimal and techno. Hamelin has found a great response producing a distinctive mixture of this styles and keeps doing marvelous tracks and performances all over the world.

Today Hamelin is running the label Flow Mexico Rec and is about to finish and present his new proyect  » Nohol « … keep track of it… you will experience a fresh sound into the tech-house and deep house lines of music





Agency: One feel

Email: booking@onefeelmusic.info

The artist

Nationality: Mexican

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