The french duo CYKLONES, formed around the millennium, by Philippe Sancier (aka Sensifeel) and Pierre Dauny (aka dj Drenan), have been active as live set or solo dj’s in the psytrance scene during the last decade…
They have decided to use the power of their friendship in music, and developed a groovy trance progressive and psychedelik sound. They’ve improved individualy as artist, Dj DRENAN, SENSIFEEL, using it always to show a unique set.

Playing around the world in most of the important psytrance events, releasing on the top labels, they are now playing under ONE FEEL. Fresh of new ideas and feelings, the Cyklones’s music is the result of all this years of experiences and knowledges regarding the trance music scene. Each live performance is unique, connected to the crowd , they bring on the place and to your ears ,a big mix of all feelings, from groovy clubby styles to psy-progressive trance sounds.Performing now as Cyklones live set and solo projects, the music of the french duo will continue hitting the dance floors around the world…


Agency: One feel

Phone: 0033687830434


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