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The music label

After 20 years of experience in the wonderful world of Psytrance and more than a hundred releases on all major labels, Philippe decided to go ahead and take his musical future in his own hands – with his own label.
The idea of the artist as the central point of his own activity and creations is at the core of Philippe’s label ONE FEEL. Here you can find exclusive tracks by Sensifeel, Minfeel, Minfeel & 2UP, or Cyklones Sensifeel & Odiseo, plus some special collaborations and other discoveries.
The styles are quite varied but recognizable prog-house, electro house, minimal trance, prog-trance and psytrance.

The Association

After the successful story of the H.O.T (House of Trance) parties in Paris, ONE FEEL IS updating! One feel association has been created to offer a new series of events in Paris and France.

One feel association represents the event structure of one feel music label which aims to promote new talent and sizes of the current international Trance scene.

The booking agency

ONE FEEL artists management and bookings agency is the structure of our collective, you will be abble to book all kind of parties actors: Top Producers, great dj’s, high quality decorators and masters performers will be promoted and offered. Just contact us at booking@onefeelmusic.com

Past experiences:

Past experience as artists management, line up, promotion work or council on:

Dream Nation festival 2014/2015/2016, Namaste V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X…VooV experience 2016, VuuV festival 2013/2014/2015, TIMEGATE 2013 (Switzerland), N.O.M.A.D. 2013/2014 (Turkey), N.O.M.A.D. Indoor 2013 (Germany), Aurora festival 2011 (Greece), Area 51 2013 (Germany), Electric circus Carnival 2012 (Germany), Another world 2011 (Germany), Earth dance 2005 (Germany), Mulhadara 1999 (France), La grotte 1998 (France), Tchikopaipai 1997 (France). You can contact Philippe anytime on philippe@onefeelmusic.com

The artists collective

All our artists are friends, party bodies from all around the world. All full of experience in the scene, each artist excel in their skills with a solid catalog of various arts, musics, decorations, performances, managements or designs.






. SENSIFEEL (FR) http://www.onefeelmusic.com/?artist=sensifeel (Artist One Feel music)

. CYKLONES (FR) http://www.onefeelmusic.com/?artist=cyklones (Artist One Feel music)

. MINFEEL (FR) http://www.onefeelmusic.com/?artist=minfeel (Artist One Feel music)

. SENSIFEEL & ODISEO (FR & MX) http://www.onefeelmusic.com/?artist=sensifeel-odiseo (Artist One Feel music)

. TRIBALIZER (FR) http://www.onefeelmusic.com/?artist=tribalizer (Artist One Feel)

. ODISEO (MX) http://www.onefeelmusic.com/?artist=odiseo (Artist One Feel)

. MINFEEL & 2UP (MX) http://www.onefeelmusic.com/?artist=minfeel (Artist One Feel)

. 2UP (MX) http://www.onefeelmusic.com/?artist=2up (Artist One Feel)

HAMELIN (MX) http://www.onefeelmusic.com/?artist=hamelin (Artist One Feel)

. SQUAZOID (FR) Coming soon! (Artist One Chill music)

. STRYKER (FR) http://www.onefeelmusic.com/artist/stryker/ (Artist One Feel)

. KICK BONG (FR) Coming soon! (Artist One Chill music)

. TERRA NINE (FR) Coming soon! (Artist One Chill music)

. HILIGHT TRIBE (FR) Coming soon! (Artist Kosmic Hoboes)



. DJOANNA (DE) http://www.onefeelmusic.com/?artist=djoanna (Artist One Feel)

. DRENAN (FR) http://www.onefeelmusic.com/?artist=drenan (Artist One Feel)

. MIZOO (FR) http://www.onefeelmusic.com/?artist=mizoo (Artist One Feel)

. VANJA (MKD) http://www.onefeelmusic.com/?artist=vanja (Artist One Feel)

DUDU GALVAO (BR) http://www.onefeelmusic.com/?artist=dudu-galvao (Artist One Feel music)

. HEINZ (CH) http://www.onefeelmusic.com/?artist=heinz (Artist One Feel)

. KIMSKI (DE) http://www.onefeelmusic.com/?artist=kimski (Artist One Feel)

. ZENDIUM (FR) http://www.onefeelmusic.com/?artist=zendium (Artist One Feel)

. FLOW (ARG) http://www.onefeelmusic.com/?artist=flow (Artist One Feel)



. MAE & MOA (FR) http://www.onefeelmusic.com/?artist=mae-moa (Artist One Feel)

. MAXI (DE) http://www.onefeelmusic.com/?artist=maxi (Artist One Feel)

. BIOLIVE (CH) Coming soon! https://www.facebook.com/biolive.timegate  (Artist One Feel)

. DARIO (ARG) http://www.onefeelmusic.com/?artist=dario (Artist One Feel)


► Veejay’s

. NATARAJA VEEJAY (CH) http://www.onefeelmusic.com/?artist=nataraja-veejay (Artist One Feel)



. PHOENIX FIREDANCERS (AT) http://www.onefeelmusic.com/?artist=phoenix-firedancers (Artist One Feel)

. LISA LOOPING (AT) http://www.onefeelmusic.com/?artist=lisa-looping (Artist One Feel)

. FAYE LA HUPPE (AT) http://www.onefeelmusic.com/?artist=faye-la-huppe (Artist One Feel)

. TOBY GOMME (UK) http://www.onefeelmusic.com/?artist=toby-fire (Artist One Feel)





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