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ONE FEEL is at the core of the event production, we do offer for your event, top notch Internationals music producers and dj’s; we can create magical decorations and atmospheres with the best deco teams and Veejay’s or performers. Let us build your event for you or with you. Contact us!

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Sensifeel Phaxe Infected mushroom Major 7
Raf Fender Protonica Berg Hujaboy
Mad maxx Space tribe Mad tribe Arcon
Stryker Juno reactor Azax Volcano
Mekkanikka Z-cat Vibe tribe Volcano
Numayma Imagine mars Pondora Bandi
dj Drenan
  • Infected mushroom* ☞ Dj set & Full live band show

  • Juno Reactor* ☞ DJ EPK | Juno Reactor & The Mutant Theatre | EPKBible of Dreams EPK

  • Mad tribe* ☞ Mad Tribe + Mad maxx + Space Tribe

  • Arcon ☞  Hujaboy & Koxbox

  • Space noize ☞  Major7 & Space cat

  • Volcano On Mars ☞ Imagine mars* & Volcano*

Artists deco

  • Mae & Moa
  • Anzu creation
  • Fluorysium

Artists Veejay’s

  • TAS visuals
  • Illuminated arts


  • On demand



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